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Dental Bleaching

Common questions about Dental bleaching

Why are my teeth discolored? Minerals, tobacco, antibiotics, foods and beverages can stain or discolor teeth. The dentist uses a proven bleaching technique to remove these stains and whiten your teeth.

How does bleaching work? You apply bleaching gel to your teeth in a thin tray designed by your dentist. Stains are removed from the teeth by gentle oxygenating action of the peroxide carbamide gel. You choose the most convenient times and places to wear your bleaching tray.

How do I start? Your dentist will examine your teeth, record your pre-treatment tooth shade, and make a bleaching tray for your teeth. You will receive instructions for applying the gel and wearing your fitted tray. Your progress will be carefully monitored..

How long will it take? Stain intensity varies considerably, but you will notice whiter teeth in only 3-4 days. Normal treatment is 3 to 4 weeks. Difficult cases occasionally require longer treatment times and stronger gels. Each person’s bleaching results will vary due to stain type, stain depth, and structure.

How long will my teeth stay whiter after the treatment? Your unique combination of habits, foods, and tooth structure will influence long-term results. Non-smokers who drink no coffee or tea usually have little change in five years. Some patients require a slight “touch up” treatment after several years. Also carbamide peroxide toothpaste can inhibit re-staining of whitened teeth.

How is this treatment different from TV or drug store whiteners? Many retail tooth whiteners use harmful acid and ill-fitting tray that can permanently damage your teeth or gums.

With a professional whitening treatment, you are assured of proven, safe products and your dentist’s careful supervision. (Please ask your dentist for ore specific information about whitening your teeth).