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Full dentures

Natural appearing dentures must take into consideration not only the proper arrangement of the teeth, but also the contours of natural tissue. Full dentures are contoured in a manner, which is self-cleaning and has the appearance of natural healthy tissue.

To achieve a natural look with full dentures, your dentist personalizes individual characteristics. This is achieved through masculine or feminine tooth arrangement, proper lip support and determination of a pleasing smile line for your facial contour. One other key aspect in obtaining a natural looking denture is the type and shade of the denture teeth. For a more realistic denture, your dentist offers Hand-sculpted European denture at additional costs.

Partial dentures

Depending on the clinical situation, your dentist may prescribe a removable partial denture solution. Usually two or more teeth will have been lost and this type of restoration is designed to replace both the esthetics and the function of the lost teeth. This restoration is designed to be removed for cleaning, yet it must have a snap fit and good retention so that it’s comfortable while eating.


Valplast is an alternative solution that your dentist provides for removable partial dentures. Since the entire partial denture is metal free and tissue shaded, they are virtually undetected by others.