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Tooth Bonding

The single appointment restorative solution Over the last 25 years, adhesive dentistry has developed to the point that today it’s considered minimally invasive dentistry. Your dentist uses these adhesive-bonding techniques on a daily basis and they normally require a minimal amount of tooth operation. The composite materials that are bonded to your teeth not only look natural, they wear like natural teeth. In most instances, tooth bonding with modern composites is accomplished in a single appointment with your dentist.

Tooth bonding really does it all, from new fillings to amalgam replacements. From repairing and reshaping chipped teeth to sealing and protecting your children’s teeth from cavities. If there are any little imperfections in your smile that are bothering you, see if your dentist thinks tooth bonding could be a solution for this.

Temporary Restoration

You’ll be glad to know that while your final restoration are being handcrafted, your smile will look and feel great with a temporary restoration. Your dentist may use these temporary if periodontal (gum) disease is present since they are easily removed for cleaning and they promote tissue healing.